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Buyers New Home Stolen Out From Under Them

This story is darned difficult to believe… Not that I think the Zahari’s are lying, but that B of A would let this happen!

Can you believe that the Zahari’s purchased a home that had been stolen from the bank? Here’s the whole story at the Zahari’s website My Stolen Home.

Long story short, the “seller” was a person in Nevada that was just recently indited in a house stealing scam. The original owner was in foreclosure way back in 2008. For some reason, the foreclosure was never completed. BofA owns the mortgage from the original seller, and it owns the Zahari’s mortgage. The title search never showed the original mortgage from 2008 when the purchase was made. Everything was  made more difficult by the fact that BofA didn’t originate the original mortgage, they purchased it. They also purchased the current mortgage. Now BofA is saying that they’re the victim of the scam too. That’s a little hard to believe. B of A hasn’t cleared this up, but they have told the Zahari’s not to stop paying the mortgage on the house that they don’t own.

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