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Advice from an Oceanside Real Estate Agent: What to do about your Oceanside Home For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

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37 years selling Oceanside real estate qualifies me as an expert in Oceanside real estate.

I think 37 years as an Oceanside real estate agent qualifies me as an expert in most everything that has to do with Oceanside real estate. Right now while the inventory of homes for sale in Oceanside is low, prices are going up and most homes under $500,000 are selling like hotcakes, you may contemplate selling your home yourself.

We all love a good “do-it-yourself” project. There’s a certain pride that comes  from rebuilding your own  motor, or carving a  kitchen table with your own two hands. Sometimes though, there are just somethings that are better left to the professionals. When you are dealing with enormous sums of money, in a delicate and fluctuating market, where one mistake can mean so much can be lost, Oceanside real estate is one of those things. While there’s nothing saying you couldn’t do it, when you go ‘FSBO’ or For Sale By Owner, you’re putting one of your most valuable assets into nonprofessional hands; your own.

Oceanside Real Estate and your FSBO

The idea behind FSBO is that by selling the house yourself, you save on the commission fees you would normally pay an Oceanside realtor. But, in actuality, most data suggests that, on average, a FSBO home will sell for 5-10% below market value. Now, when you consider that the typical commission rate is about 6%, you could very easily wind up losing money!

Oceanside Real Estate Marketing and your FSBO

There is also marketing (a very important aspect of selling your Oceanside home) and time to consider. An Oceanside realtor has not only better resources to market your home, but also has the freedom to concentrate all their time on it (after all, it is their job). Can you say the same about yourself? Not only are you going to do all the regular house selling tasks, like prepping the house, keeping it clean, making it available for viewing, but you also have to do all the things an Oceanside real agent would usually do for you, like:

  • setting the asking price
  • advertising and marketing the property
  • showing the house to prospective buyers
  • knowing the difference between well and poor qualified buyers
  • making disclosures required by federal, state, and local law
  • negotiating the final deal
  • opening an escrow
  • ordering a payoff for your mortgage

All of these are pretty good reasons why 80-90% of FSBO homes wind up being listed by an Oceanside real estate agent in the end anyway. Selling your home isn’t as easy as it looks (and it doesn’t look easy at all), a fact most people don’t realize until after all their hard work gets them nowhere. Oceanside real estate agents are the professionals for a reason. They know how to do all the proper paperwork to avoid costly mistakes. They know all the tricks ensuring that your property is seen by as many potential buyers as possible, and they have the time to dedicate to making sure all of this is done properly. So, unless you really know what you’re doing, and have the free time on your hands, I suggest not trying FSBO.

Please feel free to call me at 760-737-3767 and pick my brain about any and all of your Oceanside real estate questions.

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