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5 Ways to Raise Your Home’s Resale Value


What home renovations, when complete, will raise the value of your home the most?

The Oceanside real estate market is just beginning to take off again. Because of the challenging times we’ve experienced, a lot of homeowners want to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to home renovations and raising their homes value. Most will just go with big remodeling projects, tossing money at it and hoping it will get them a higher sale price then what they’re spending.

You don’t have to go this route. There are some things you can do that are small in scope and can be done early, allowing you to save money and enjoy all the hard work before you sell. Here are 5 ideas to pump up your resale value without driving you crazy.

  1. Landscaping is a big selling point, but also one of the most time demanding one, so start early. Neglected lawns can be a huge turn-off, so keep it green and maintained. If you start from the beginning, it’s fairly inexpensive. Try and start with seed, as it’s cheaper then having to lay new sod. Also, a beautiful mature shade tree can be a big selling point, but you’ll need several years for it to grow, so be sure to make planting a priority early on. Talk to some professionals to make sure you know the proper placement and care on your trees.
  2. Sticking with your outside curb appeal, there is a cheaper alternative to repainting the exterior. Power washing surfaces and paved areas can really change the look of a home, and the machines are usually available from your local hardware store. And keep your doors in mind. Upgrading the front door and garage door, and then maintaining, is a very simple way of wow-ing prospective buyers.
  3. Moving inside, the kitchen is popular improvement that people make, but it can be done fraction of the cost of a big remodeling. If it’s pretty current, then leave it alone. Redoing the whole thing is expensive, and usually will only recoup you about 65 percent of the cost. Instead, try refinishing cabinets, upgrading to Energy Star appliances, or simply slapping on a new coat of paint.
  4. Try to take a good, objective look at decorating. You’ll want to remove as many ‘eyesores’ as you can. This might include tacky light fixtures, outdated wallpaper, popcorn ceilings or stained carpets. You don’t need to go overboard with the replacements, either. Just make sure it’s simple, clean and contemporary. The same goes with paint colors. Choosing something in modern neutrals will help to show off your rooms to the best advantage. Don’t be afraid of color though, just be mindful that the bolder a color is the more likely you’ll find someone who doesn’t like it. Clean and simple.
  5. The last tip for the interior is storage space. This is a really good investment that, when done early, you can get a lot out of too. Built-in shelving, cabinets in the halls or garage are something that will get a buyer excited. Most of these upgrades are even simple enough to be ‘do it yourself’ projects, which is great for keeping down cost!

Have any other ideas or suggestions? Let us know by commenting below! There you have it, simple and cost effective things you can do to increase your resale value from a local Oceanside real estate agent with 37 years of experience in the local area!

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