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Chose an Experienced Guide to Negotiate the Twisting, Turning Path of Real Estate

You wouldn’t think of climbing Mt. Everest without an experienced Sherpa. Why would you buy or sell a home (arguably the largest purchase decision you’ll make in your life), without an experienced Realtor?

Buying or selling real estate is challenging, in the best of times. Right now it’s like negotiating a mine field!¬† The real estate market has been left reeling from the huge drop in prices we’ve experienced and the bank foreclosure scandal. Today’s turbulent market makes finding an expert to guide you though the potential ‘pitfalls’ of your home sale more critical than ever.

There is an abundance of distressed properties on the market. Navigating a short sale takes patience and persistence. Seasoned Realtors know the ropes of short sales because they have experience with them. They’ve completed them in the past and anticipate the next steps you’ll need to take to get your transaction closed.

Hiring an expert negotiator can save you thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. From the initial offer to the possible re-negotiation after a troubled home inspection report or the potential cancellation because of a low appraisal, an expert negotiator can manage the transaction  until it closes.

Mindi Landry is a skilled negotiator and is your expert guide to Real Estate. She has been in real estate for 35 years. Mindi is genuinely interested in assisting you to sell or buy your next home. Call her at (760) 737-3767.

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