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3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home for Sale in Escondido

128 Jericho Circle Glen Escondido CA

$359,900 – This is a planned unit development. Rare find single story, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath home. 1254 SQ. FT. Light, bright, airy townhome in move in condition on cul de sac with attached double car garage. Across from green … Continue reading

Escondido Homes for Sale: Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

If you’re a renter considering purchasing your first home here are some costs that you may not think of. These ‘hidden’ costs may put a crimp in your monthly budget, if you’re not prepared for them. Check out this list so you become a wise homeowner. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why People Want to Purchase Their Own Home

Renting can be like throwing your money on the freeway and watching it get run over by cars. It may be moderately entertaining, but it gives you no real, financial benefits. Maybe that’s why so many people want off the “renting” hamster wheel and in to the fast lane of home ownership. Here are the top 5 reasons people want to purchase their own home. Continue reading

Thinking about downsizing your home?

Tired of cutting grass and lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs? Are you tired of cleaning that big house when your not even using all of the space? Maybe downsizing your home is on your mind. Living in a smaller space sounds appealing, but the idea of selling your home overwhelms you. Continue reading

4 Reasons to Buy Your Next Home Right Now

Purchasing a new home is probably the toughest and biggest decision you’ll ever make. Here are 4 reasons to purchase your next Escondido home now and not wait to dive into home ownership.
Continue reading

Cool tool for picking wall colors for your home

white interior mindi landry escondido realtor

Are you afraid of picking the wrong colors for the interior of your home? Most people would love to paint the interior of their home, but if you choose the wrong color… you’ll have to repaint and that takes time and effort. Sherwin-Williams just created software that allows you to upload pictures of your home and change the colors of your walls. This practically takes the guess work out of painting your home. Continue reading

What’s Up With The Shadow Inventory of Foreclosures?

The inventory of foreclosure homes dwindled in the 4th Quarter of 2010. Foreclosures dropped 51% in the 3rd quarter of 2010. Does this mean that the worst of the challenges with the distressed properties are behind us? Unfortunately, no. The issues that the banks had with the Robo-signing and MERS just caused a slow down of the foreclosure process dramatically. Foreclosures aren’t disappearing, they’re just being delayed. Continue reading

Five Myths Every Potential Home Buyer Should Know


1. A house is always listed correctly. Well… not always. Don’t take the listing information as the exact truth. Some listing agents don’t bother to take the time to confirm the facts themselves. Always verify the the data yourself. Continue reading

Financial Strategy to Home Ownership

For most people, owning a home is the biggest and most important purchase of their lives. Many families hold home ownership as a part of their overall financial strategy. The way to build long term financial strength is to hold on to the home and pay it off, while it’s appreciating over time. Continue reading

Why I’m Never Going to Own a Home Again

James Altucher´╗┐, a professional investor in many different styles of investing: futures trading, daytrading, value investing, arbitrage, private equity investing, etc for the past 15 years has written an article about never owning a home again. While he makes some good points, I have some points of my own that I’d like you to consider… Continue reading