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2013 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner – Mindi Landry

Mindi Landry, Realtor with Century 21, Award in Escondido, CA was recently named a 2013 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner for San Diego County. This level of excellence is achieved by fewer than 5 percent of the real … Continue reading

Escondido Historical Landmark – San Pasqual Battlefield Park


On December 6, 1846 American troops, under the direction of General Stephen Kearny fought the Californio forces commanded by General Andres Pico. The battle of San Pasqual was the bloodiest battle in the Mexican-American war. The Americans didn’t think that … Continue reading

Escondido Homes for Sale: Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

If you’re a renter considering purchasing your first home here are some costs that you may not think of. These ‘hidden’ costs may put a crimp in your monthly budget, if you’re not prepared for them. Check out this list so you become a wise homeowner. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why People Want to Purchase Their Own Home

Renting can be like throwing your money on the freeway and watching it get run over by cars. It may be moderately entertaining, but it gives you no real, financial benefits. Maybe that’s why so many people want off the “renting” hamster wheel and in to the fast lane of home ownership. Here are the top 5 reasons people want to purchase their own home. Continue reading

Renting vs Buying an Escondido Home for Sale

Home prices have fallen drastically over the past 4 years. Does that mean that if you purchase a home right now that you won’t get a return on your investment? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at renting a home versus buying a home a little closer. We’ll look at the advantages of renting and the advantages of owning and any possible future costs. Then you can choose which strategy is best for you and your family. Continue reading

Cool tool for picking wall colors for your home

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Are you afraid of picking the wrong colors for the interior of your home? Most people would love to paint the interior of their home, but if you choose the wrong color… you’ll have to repaint and that takes time and effort. Sherwin-Williams just created software that allows you to upload pictures of your home and change the colors of your walls. This practically takes the guess work out of painting your home. Continue reading

Financial Strategy to Home Ownership

For most people, owning a home is the biggest and most important purchase of their lives. Many families hold home ownership as a part of their overall financial strategy. The way to build long term financial strength is to hold on to the home and pay it off, while it’s appreciating over time. Continue reading

How should your San Diego home for sale be marketed?

Making sure that potential buyers for your San Diego home for sale find your home is a monumental task. It can be challenging, in this world of information overload, to build excitement about a single home instead of the 3 … Continue reading

Now is best time to sell your San Diego home!

Economic analysts are projecting we’ll see a double dip in housing prices in 2011. If you’re thinking about selling your Escondido home in 2011, now is the best time to sell.

In this rapidly changing house market, using a professional Realtor will assure you of getting your home priced competitively. This competitive advantage will facilitate a quick sale to a qualified buyer.
Continue reading

Best Wishes for a Healthy and Prosperous 2011

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Looking Forward By Joanna Fuchs May this new year find youhealthier and happier,peaceful, content, satisfied,looking forwardto fresh, revitalizing interests,a variety of pleasures,interesting new people,material and personal successesto make this new yearthe best one yet. Happy New Year!