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Advice from an Oceanside Real Estate Agent: What is Earnest Money?

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During my 37 years as an Oceanside Real Estate Agent buyers commonly ask the same question, usually during the offer phase, “what is earnest money?”. Usually, that’s followed by “why do I need it, how much of it do I … Continue reading

Advice from a Oceanside Real Estate Agent: Will a Pool Raise the Value of my Home?

As an Oceanside Real Estate Agent I get quite a few questions on various real estate related topics. Since I get quite a few of the same questions over and over I thought I’d start a new blog topic: Advice … Continue reading

Oceanside Real Estate Agent Out and About Town

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As an Oceanside Real Estate Agent I get out and about town quite a bit and this month there are quite a few fun events to take in around Oceanside, CA. If you happen to see me at any of … Continue reading

Staging your Oceanside home for sale

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Your Oceanside home for sale doesn’t need to be fancy or luxurious to sell. What it really needs is to be clean and clutter free to put it’s best foot forward.   Staging your Oceanside home for sale will rid … Continue reading

Your Oceanside home for sale … Do you need an appraisal?

While appraisals are usually associated with the buyer’s side of a Oceanside home for sale transaction, they offer a useful and potentially headache-saving tool for sellers. A buyer gets an appraisal to confirm to the mortgage company that the home … Continue reading

Where to Find a New Home in Oceanside in a Top-Rated School District In Oceanside

Top Oceanside Schools in Oceanside, CA Continue reading

10 Steps for Staging Your Oceanside, CA Home for Sale

Staging your home can help sell your house quicker and for more money. Here are some tips on easy and cheap ways to stage your Oceanside home for sale. Continue reading